The Emakoko

The Emakoko is a family-owned and run lodge artfully built into the side of a valley on the Mbagathi River, which borders the Nairobi National Park a 45 minute transfer from both airports in Nairobi city.

The Emakoko allows people to start and finish their safari in the wildlife environment they have travelled so far to enjoy.

26 Nov 2014


The Emakoko (@emandant) posted a photo on Twitter
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25 Nov 2014

An eventful morning - firstly came across nervous wildebeest, baboons started alarm calling only for a lioness (Athi) to take a young wildebeest. The commotion woke a Male Lion (Simbeo) who tried to get in on the act but was growled of by the lioness - he then wandered over to a nearby bush and disappeared within - only for the lioness to come over retrieve three cubs from this bush and lead them to where she had hidden the wildebeest. My first sighting of these cubs. Amazing and all in Nairobi National Park.

17 Nov 2014

These cubs were seen by our guests this morning - only the 3rd time they have seen humans, and one of the little ones was quite inquisitive taken by our guide Elizaban M Kinuthia

Elizaban M Kinuthia

athi and her siblings....was fun spending with them

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