If stress is what you are escaping from, and rest is what you need, then The Emakoko is the perfect place. At times the silence can be almost deafening during the day, and the nights are often filled with distant noises of wild animals going about their nocturnal business.

Take a game drive into one of the most unique game parks in the world, Nairobi National Park or visit the community that border it. Otherwise an excursion into Nairobi to visit the David Sheldrick wildlife trust, the giraffe centre or the local shops may be more appealing. Finally for the more adventurous, a helicopter trip to the world famous Masai Mara, or up Mt. Kenya might be the better alternative.

Nairobi National Park News

24 Oct 2014

And the WINNER !!!........of the NNP CRAZY FACE COMPETITION is .....Mo the Moody Buffalo !!!

22 Oct 2014


As i drove a corner around on the Mbuni loop part of the main road ...suddenly I saw a serval standing on the edge of the road . I immediately switched off the engine and watched ...the serval continued to walk through the long grass until it came to some trees . I wondered if it would try and climb up , but instead the serval just stretched upward and in typical cat fashion began to claw the bark of the tree . Some birds in the tree were giving alarm calls .The serval then walk to another nearby tree ...then suddenly with lightening speed the serval virtually flew up the original tree it clawed on , and just missed a bird . The serval then perched on the tree for a about a minute before jumping down !! WOW !!! ...what a sighting my more than 50 years of observing wildlife and almost 4000 visits to the Nairobi national park , this is the first sighting of a serval climbing high up a tree !!!

21 Oct 2014

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