If stress is what you are escaping from, and rest is what you need, then The Emakoko is the perfect place. At times the silence can be almost deafening during the day, and the nights are often filled with distant noises of wild animals going about their nocturnal business.

Take a game drive into one of the most unique game parks in the world, Nairobi National Park or visit the community that border it. Otherwise an excursion into Nairobi to visit the David Sheldrick wildlife trust, the giraffe centre or the local shops may be more appealing. Finally for the more adventurous, a helicopter trip to the world famous Masai Mara, or up Mt. Kenya might be the better alternative.

Nairobi National Park News

21 Jul 2014


20 Jul 2014


The EAGLE and the EGRET It seemed peaceful at the hyena dam , with the early morning sunshine and many animals and birds enjoying the warmth after a chilly evening . Suddenly there was a rapid movement in a nearby herd of buffalo . A tawny eagle had swooped and caught a white Cattle Egret in mid-air , I quickly responded and managed the take a series of photos as the eagle flew towards me and landed in a dead tree . Within a minute a large flock of pied ravens and yellow billed hawks began harassing the eagle by ‘divebombing” and trying to use distracting tactics in an effort to get the eagle to let go of its prey . But the eagle stood firm as it made loud warning calls . This is the first time I have ever seen an eagle catch an egret , especially in the middle of a herd of buffalo . It just goes to show that these efficient raptors also use the element of surprise in addition to their sharp eyesight, flight skills , lethal tallons and sharp beak . WOW ! what a sighting .There is something regally royal about eagles. The Nairobi Park has many resident eagle species , such as Martial , Fish ,and Crowned Eagle that are all well worth watching . It is interesting to note that over many years , mankind has used the eagle emblem as a symbol to represent Freedom , Victory , the Future , and many more positive reasons .To have eagles living so close to a major city is unique .They need to be protected , and the Nairobi Park is a safe haven for them to nest and breed . However as they can fly they often fly out of the park boundary , citizens need to be aware of the vital role of raptors such as Eagles ,Hawks , Owls , they eat rodents , frogs , lizards , and snakes , and therefore ensure a healthy balance in nature .Eagles are truly an incredible creation .

19 Jul 2014

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A black crake running along the shoreline after catching a worm .

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