If stress is what you are escaping from, and rest is what you need, then The Emakoko is the perfect place. At times the silence can be almost deafening during the day, and the nights are often filled with distant noises of wild animals going about their nocturnal business.

Take a game drive into one of the most unique game parks in the world, Nairobi National Park or visit the community that border it. Otherwise an excursion into Nairobi to visit the David Sheldrick wildlife trust, the giraffe centre or the local shops may be more appealing. Finally for the more adventurous, a helicopter trip to the world famous Masai Mara, or up Mt. Kenya might be the better alternative.

Nairobi National Park News

27 Jul 2014

It was a cold cloudy morning as I sat quietly at the Hyena dam , waiting and watching to see what bird action there was . Suddenly a movement caught my attention , the profile of a large crocodile was cruising across the water and was swimming towards me . Being a master of stealth the reptile reached the bank without being noticed , and then when the birds became aware the peaceful scene erupted into an orchestra of panic sounds , and many of them were in a major flap , due to this “croc shock” . However the croc seemed to have a different motive , as it moved out of the water and onto the bank , in the hope of getting some daylight warmth .
I have seen this crocodile at the Hyena dam on a number of occasions , what impressed me was the fact that Hyena dam is quite a few kilometers from the Athi River where most Crocodiles can be found . I ask myself questions , like … Why go so far inland ? How did this crocodile sense there was a dam here ? However irrespective of how and why ? it seems to be thriving even with a few hippo’s as well .
Crocodiles are found in many places in Africa ,there are three species of which the Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) is the largest living for about 80 years , and growing up to about 5metres , (with a record 6.5 metres specimen weighing 1090kg ). 99% of the crocodile offspring are eaten in the first year of life by large fish, monitor lizards, herons and ... adult crocodiles. A female crocodile lays 20-80 eggs . They have a reputation of being very stealthy hunters , waiting patiently beneath the water for their unsuspecting prey , then striking a lightning speed to kill .
Watch out for these reptiles next time you visit the Nairobi park !

26 Jul 2014


26 Jul 2014

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